Yacht Charters in Turkey

Often referred to as “the cradle of civilization” Turkey has all the elements for a fascinating luxury yacht charter. Its archaeological remains of ancient civilisations are among the finest you’ll see while the clarity and colour of the water along its coastline is unbelievable. A typical charter will take you to wonderful bays and sites of ancient tombs carved high into cliffs, sunken remnants of ancient Greek and Roman cities, and deserted coves.

Turkey is is a perfect destination for a late summer yacht charter. The weather should be still dry and settled but the intense heat of the summer is dropping although the seawater remains wonderfully warm. The crowds ashore will be dwindling too. The spectacular archaeological sites will still be open as will be the charming waterfront cafes and shops, all with a genuine warm welcome. And the prices are low season rates.

The most popular type of charter yacht in Turkey is the Turkish gulet a large wooden boats built in the traditional style. Mostly motor-sailors, they're characterised by large deck areas for sunbathing, dining and relaxation. The interior of these Turkish gulets typically features five or six large cabins, very high ceilings, lots of beautiful wood panelling, air-conditioning, ensuite shower rooms and all of the modern facilities and above all, the comfort you would expect on any large luxury yacht.

To learn more about a yacht charter vacaytion in Turkey, please get in touch by E-mail or a quick phone call.

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