What do you do all day on a yacht?

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What do you do all day on a yacht? - That’s really up to you. You can do as much or as little as you like and it doesn’t mean you must stay on the boat all of the time.


It depends of course on the type of yacht you’ve chosen to charter and the cruising area. If you are a real sailing enthusiast, then you’ll probably want to sail as much as you can. After an early morning swim and a good breakfast, you’ll discuss the day’s plan with the Captain - then up-anchor, raise the sails and head off. Maybe a sandwich lunch underway dropping anchor somewhere quiet towards the end of the day. Another swim and then relax with a sundowner on deck and for the evening enjoy a delicious supper with easy conversation across the table ending the day with an early night. Another day you might want to explore a shore, walk along a beach, or have a go with a paddleboard or water-ski or any of the other activities available on board. It’s really up to you. The Caribbean which has some of the best sailing conditions in the world and the venue for a number of major international regattas.


The daily pattern could be much the same on a motor yacht or catamaran. 


If you lead an extremely busy, highly pressurised professional life you might wish to spend the first day or two just chilling. Late mornings, leisurely breakfast, a gentle swim, check your e-mail (if you must) and from the top deck watch as your yacht comes into its first port of call. By which time lunch will be ready. For the afternoon, maybe a snooze is called for or you can bury yourself in a good book or watch the kids enjoying all the water-sport toys the yacht carries under the watchful eye of a crew member. Late afternoon take a brief visit ashore and be back on board in time to freshen up for an evening cocktail before dinner and catch up with what everyone else has done for the day. An early night.


Depending on where you’re chartering there will also be interesting places ashore to visit. If you’re in the Mediterranean, for instance, you could make a point of visiting any number of fascinating archaeological sites, beautiful ancient walled cities or quaint fishing villages. We can arrange private tour guides or you can just wander at your own pace. Local cookery demonstrations or visits to wineries are popular excursions. Your yacht may be at a dock in which case you can go ashore as you wish. Or if at anchor, the crew will take you ashore in the yacht’s tender. 


For beach lovers, you’ll be able to go to some beaches only available by boat – how special is that. Take beach games if you like or ask the crew to set up a private beach party for you. Or just go off on a short hike.


Even though the food aboard will be expertly prepared according to your tastes, you should try to eat ashore at least once or twice for a true experience of the region you’re visiting. A lunch or dinner – the Captain will be able to make suitable recommendations. 


Perhaps you’d like to experience some of the local nightlife too, although the larger motor yachts have fully stocked bars and dance floors too with excellent sound and light and systems. There will be at least one large screen TV - or watch a movie under the stars. And for a fun evening choose from the range of party themes.


For the water-sport enthusiast, yachts carry an amazing range of equipment – snorkel gear as a minimum. But expect much, much, more on the larger vessels to suit all levels of expertise and energy. Some yachts will carry scuba diving gear with a dive master or instructor as part of the crew. Parts of the Caribbean have some of the best dive sites in the world. Luxury charter yachts are packed with things to do and it’s all there for you to use to the full.


When you’re seeking for a quiet spot to get away from fellow guests for a while, every yacht has a number of different areas to escape to. And the larger the yacht, the more places.


I hope that goes some way to answering the question, but I’ll be happy to tell you more if you get in touch.

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