Luxury Yacht Dining Rooms

Published by on Thursday 24th of August 2023 05:10:41 PM

This is the first in a series of posts concentrating on specific and, sometimes, ecclectic subjects relating to the luxury yachts you will want to charter. Whether you’re thinking of chartering a yacht in the Caribbean or the Mediterranean, super yachts offer the highest standards of everything.

In this post, you see an example of one of our favourite on-board dining rooms on a motor-yacht, ready and set for a 5-star meal. Nothing is ordinary in any of these dining rooms - be it the general decor, the art work, or the furniture - elegance and style speaks for itself in every case.

Just walk into one of these rooms and you’ll be impressed! The style will reflect the style of the yacht’s interior – contemporary, classic, traditional or art nouveau. The dining room may be part of an open plan salon or a more private room but the ambience will always be not only one of sumptuousness, but also welcoming and inviting - a perfect balance.

And aren’t the table settings gorgeous ! Crystal glasses sparkle, the cutlery is carefully placed and the silver gleams. Even the napkins vie for attention, saying “Look at me, I’m special too !” And, indeed they are.

Motor yachts of this standard will have several choices of table settings, bone china and glassware to match the menu or a theme night - more on that topic another time.

While every detail has been carefully considered and rendered perfect in itself, it is then all arranged very carefully under the watchful direction of the Chief Steward or Chief Stewardess (a very important person on a large charter yacht) so that the whole is a beautiful work of art.

We love so many of these interior dining rooms and the different styles they all have - each with its own special personality and charm. We think you would love them too. If you’d like to know more about dining on-board charter yachts, please get in touch.

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