Do I need to use a charter broker?

Published by on Tuesday 26th of March 2019 09:24:46 AM

There are many advantages to using a broker. As an independent yacht charter broker we have access to all yachts which are available for charter and will have personally visited many of them at the international yacht charter shows which we attend every year. We do not rely on just a yacht brochure with stunning images - we will have seen the condition of the boat, the layout and the facilities and know the type of crew you can expect aboard. We will be able to pass on the small details about a yacht which might make a big difference to your experience. As an independent yacht charter broker we will have asked all the right questions about the yachts and be able to pass this well-informed, unbiased and vital information on to you.

We have access to the major yacht databases which are available only to professional charter brokers. According to what you tell us you are looking for we put together a short-list of suitable and available boats some of which you may not find during your own research.

All of this means we can recommend a list of the best yachts to suit your requirements, preferences and budget and maybe give you a few surprise alternatives too. And we’ll be happy to talk through the selection to help you make a final choice. So, when faced with any number of similar looking boats we can go right to the ones which are right for you saving you an incredible amount of time.

We will help in all aspects of planning the charter by advising on the most suitable ports of embarkation and disembarkation which are convenient to you and more comfortable in terms of prevailing winds and sea conditions. We’ll suggest special places of interest to visit and interesting shore excursions. We’ll advise on the best time of the year for that location and seasonal weather influences.

Importantly, we will be up to date on all legal aspects of chartering in your chosen cruising area such as taxes and local charter regulations and save you from any unexpected surprise costs and extras. We’ll ensure that you are protected by an official yacht charter agreement where the terms of the charter are clear and unambiguous. In the unlikely event of their being any dispute, we will help. And we will make sure that the funds you need to send in advance to book the charter are safe.

Booking through us will not cost you any more as our fees are paid by the yacht owners.

If you would like to discuss a possible charter please call.

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