Discover The Bahamas

Published by on Wednesday 8th of November 2023 02:36:52 PM

Discover The Bahamas, a captivating yacht charter destination with three island chains and over 700 islands, offering a wealth of adventures. Conveniently accessible by air, getting to the Bahamas couldn’t’ be easier, a direct flight away from major cities like New York, Miami, and London. Your yacht charter typically starts in Nassau, the capital, where you can explore golf courses, colonial architecture, and the famous Atlantis resort.

From Nassau, you'll set sail to the "Out" islands, particularly the Exumas chain, which extends approximately 100 miles. In a week, you can uncover some incredible highlights:

Highborne Cay: Enjoy beach activities and if you’re a diver explore a nearby 500-year-old shipwreck. Also, head north to Allen's Cay for a chance to see the critically endangered Bahamian Dragon Iguana.

Norman's Cay: A once-infamous drug smuggling hub now offers pristine beaches and a sunken plane for snorkeling.

Hawksbill Cay: An uninhabited island with breathtaking landscapes and historic ruins from the 18th century.

Warderick Wells: A protected area in the heart of the Exuma Land and Sea Park, offering natural beauty and rare life forms.

Shroud Cay: An uninhabited island with mangrove swamps and unique natural phenomena like the "washing machine."

O'Brien's Cay: A tropical paradise with lush vegetation, vibrant marine life, and dining options.

Big Major Cay: Uninhabited by humans but is home to a colony of wild pigs and swimming with them has become a popular activity on the beach. Also, home to iguanas and nurse sharks makes it a snorkeler's paradise.

Staniel Cay: A great location for bone, reef and deep-sea fishing, but it is perhaps best known as the location for the James Bond movies Thunderball and Never Say Never Again. The 'Thunderball Grotto' is one of the most outstanding snorkelling locations of the entire Bahamas and is not to be missed!

The list of remarkable places goes on, offering pristine beaches, diving opportunities, and historical sites. Whether you prefer a motor yacht or a catamaran, contact us for our recommendations and embark on a remarkable yacht charter adventure.


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