What are the different types of yachts?

Published by on Tuesday 26th of March 2019 09:26:43 AM

Charter yachts comes in all shapes and sizes, but basically, motor yachts and sailing yachts. Sailing yachts fall into three categories: monohulls, multi-hulls of which catamarans are the most common and motor-sailors. They all provide a venue for fabulous vacations but they have specific characteristics and appeal to different people in different ways.

Motor yachts are typically associated with ultra-luxury and they have the advantage of not being wind reliant. The largest of the motor yachts can be described as floating palaces, I suppose, for the rich and famous offering the most private and exclusive of holiday venues, gliding in and out of fashionable harbours at the whim of the guests aboard. Luxury in as many ways as you can describe – surroundings, food, wine, level of service. Regardless of the length, the maximum number of charter guests is generally only 12. This is because marine safety regulations require yachts carrying more than 12 guests to comply with Passenger Ship requirements. Sometimes one or two “staff” such as a nanny or personal security can be added as crew.

The hull designs and build of these yachts may be fast, planing types best suited to flat waters or heavier displacement or semi-displacement yachts with more stability for off-shore or ocean-going trips. Either way, most yachts are built or retrospectively fitted with zero-speed stabilizers which ensure more stability at anchor.

Motor yachts also come in smaller sizes at more affordable budgets, yet they still offer a wonderful holiday option.

It seems that a large part of the charter market especially in the Virgin Islands is filled by catamarans - the twin-hulled vessels with level sailing platforms. The trend is for the upper deck (flybridge) version. They may not look the prettiest yachting shape, but once aboard you will be astonished by the space, both external deck space and internal volume with surprising cabin size. The standard of accommodation is amazing. Generally they are also packed with water-sport toys and ideal for families or couples wishing to split the cost.

To most people’s minds monohull sailing yachts are what real sailing is all about. Yes, they heel over when heading to wind, but the thrill is exceptional. A well-built yacht cuts through the waves. These are the boats where the principal water-sport toy is the boat itself – but even these boats will have waterskis, various towables and paddle boards etc. And skilled crew of course so all you need to do is sit back in the comfort of a safe cockpit and enjoy.

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